Letters to the Editor

Neighborhood association gets things done

I live on the far west of Belleville and I regularly attend the Top of the Hill Neighborhood Association meetings at Blessed Sacrament School. We are neighbors who get things done by collecting and reporting information concerning troubled areas. We are well-connected and are hosts to a number of guest speakers.

Last meeting we were visited by a sergeant with the Belleville Police Department. He was very reassuring, stating that our neighborhoods were being patrolled as he spoke while our homes were unattended. He also warned us about a suspicious “shaggy” white guy lurking about.

There is a lot more to be said about TOTH and your attendance is welcome. I am helping out by hanging fliers on door knobs. I drive a white Chevy pick-up truck with a TOTH logo on the doors that I do not leave far behind me. So, rest assured, I am not the “shaggy” white guy in question.

Thomas L. Ripley, Belleville