Letters to the Editor

PARCC scores underline a problem

The United States has the best mediocre educational system in the world. The U.S. spends more money per pupil on education than any other country in the world. Yet educationally, the U.S. ranks 14th in math and 18th in science according to the 2012 PISA testing. So, when I read school administrators believe they need more time evaluate the poor findings of the PARCC tests, I wonder why they still have jobs?Obviously, the administrators need more time to hopefully develop a believable spin or more excuses to cover their rears. Weren’t the PARCC tests supposed to be easier for the students and provide a more accurate representation of their achievements? Is that why only six states continue to use PARCC?

No doubt about it, the PARCC tests continue to show failure of the union controlled teaching system. But as I have heard from many teachers and administrators, “its not the teacher’s fault students don’t learn, it is the parents fault.” Maybe the parents should go on strike for higher pay and more benefits?

Pete Hill, Swansea