Letters to the Editor

Points to remember about Syrian refugees

Regarding the BND editorial decrying Gov. Bruce Rauner’s policy to not let Syrian refugees settle in Illinois:

▪  To most Muslims nationality of country has no meaning. They are Islamic first, then sectarian (Shiite, Sunni, Wahhabi), tribal, etc. as far as I can see. I doubt the ISIS leader of the Paris attacks Abdelhamid gave a damn about being a Belgian citizen. It was all a convenience for spreading Islam.

▪  ISIS declared it would infiltrate its fighters with a surge of refugees.

▪  There are plenty of current refugees in the mix which are not Syrian.

▪  The majority of these are very fit looking young men, and well clothed.

▪  Some of the Paris attackers had come in under cover as a refugee.

▪  We have multiple examples of known ISIS attacks worldwide and have glossed over the ones here under Obama as “workplace violence” as in Ft. Hood.

▪  The old 60s mantra of “love conquers hate” is not a policy of common sense when it comes to ISIS or its equivalent and the potential murdering of thousands of people to come. Islam doesn’t prescribe it and no quantity of peace symbols will cure it.

▪  This is a national security issue and needs to be addressed now.

▪  Threats to our nation and its future come from Islam, not rogue Norwegian bachelors attending Lutheran church in Minnesota.

▪  Immigration to the USA has never been carte blanche and yes, it does require the knowledge of your religion and politics to be reviewed.

Brent Rains, Collinsville