Letters to the Editor

On this issue, Trump is right

I can well agree with Donald Trump’s idea of banning Muslims from this country, even if it does alienate blocks of votes from him as it probably will.

Muslims do not assimilate well in western countries in that their culture and ideals are so diverse from ours. Furthermore, people who live in a country should have some say as to who is allowed to enter a country and who is not. During the Vietnam War era, most Canadians did not appreciate American draft dodgers converging on their country. A Canadian once said: “We did not want your undesirables then or now.”

An unlimited influx of Muslims into this country will lead to more terrorists everywhere. Let us hope that we will have national leaders who will accommodate the wishes and desires of the people of this country, at least better than the leaders of Canada did during the Vietnam era.

Frank B. Austin, O’Fallon