Letters to the Editor

Providing an alternative point of view

Selling fear, distrust, and hate is one way to characterize conservative news outlets, websites, and talk radio. Another is they provide an alternate point of view, one that was sadly missing prior to cable news, the Internet, and the resurgence of talk radio.

Consider “mainstream” media reporting of the following: Scooter Libby “outing” Valerie Plume vs Mrs. Clinton “outing” national security on her private email system; Bush and MWDs vs Mrs. Clinton and Benghazi; anti-abortionists “advocating” violence vs Black Lives Matter advocating violence; Armstrong Williams and No Child Left Behind vs Elise Labott and Mrs. Clinton’s Benghazi hearings. These are just a few examples, but there’s a discernible, repeating pattern with each: Scream and Yawn.

Maybe it would help to think of conservative news in the terms progressives use for inclusion, such as “other people’s voices.” Liberal dominance over news delivery is over and the “safe space” for that reporting is getting smaller. Change is difficult, but we survived years of liberal micro-aggressive reporting. I have no doubt the other side will survive as well.

It’s all fun and games though, until some poor misguided soul decides to attack a law enforcement official.

Paul Zabbo, Shiloh