Letters to the Editor

Don’t waste the police’s time

On Saturday, Dec. 12, I spent a little time adding my presence to those who try and encourage women to not have their unborn babies destroyed at Hope Clinic in Granite City. As I was leaving, some police vehicles showed up. Later, from a reliable source I heard there was the real possibility of certain pro-lifers being arrested because they exercised their 1st Amendment right of freedom of speech. What did they say?

Well, as the abortionist was entering the building they pointed out that it’s wrong to kill babies, and then they asked how would she like it if someone murdered her children? Understand, they didn’t threaten her children, they just tried to point out the humanity of the unborn and the seriousness of her actions. And so, apparently her feelings were ruffled and the police were sent on a fool’s errand. Why a fool’s errand? Because an arrest for this kind of thing would have been thrown out of court in a heartbeat.

But, let me add this; as a resident of Granite City I’m infuriated that our fine police force would be diverted from real law enforcement to be used as bullies and go-betweens for this disgusting business. Abuse of government power at any level must not be tolerated and we can little afford the expense of time and money for this kind of thing. And, for those who traffic in human blood and misery; you need to get a thicker skin.

Robert P. Edwards, Granite City