Letters to the Editor

What does it mean?

I have heard these words over and over throughout my lifetime: freedom of religion and the pursuit of happiness. What does that mean? I often wonder.

The right to work is a given, the right to religion is a given, or is it? What right does any union have to hold our children’s education hostage for their monetary gain? The prevailing wage law gives all public work to certain unions and at the prevailing wage scale and not the local union scale. Isn’t union scale enough. Even the little school in rural America has to pay the prevailing wage. The cost of all public places, roads, bridges, buildings, schools, construction, maintenance work is guaranteed to belong to the trade unions, and the prevailing wage.

It’s time for public unions along with the trade unions to back off. Stop holding our children and the taxpayers hostage. End the prevailing wage law so that you can put more of your families to work, improving the infrastructure of our country, state and cities.

It’s time for them to address their bloated retirement, unfunded pensions, the burden is theirs and not the citizens and their children’s education.

I don’t know how any union member could feel good about putting these children out on the street for their personal gain. Are there not a man or woman among you?

James E. Saffel Sr., Mascoutah