Letters to the Editor

Legal gun owners are not the problem

There really is no problem with gun ownership.

1) Most of the problems are not caused by legal gun owners. In fact few are. The people committing these crimes are, most of the time, done by people who have already broken the law (showing that more laws won’t help more) by obtaining the guns illegally. This applies no matter where they bought it. The one who bought from dealers lied on the application and committed a federal crime when they lied on the FBI form they must fill out and sign before purchase. Many in Illinois ask for my NRA card also.

2) The problem is not a gun owners problem. None of the incidents in recent history have been committed by an NRA member. (Maybe the NRA should be in charge of checking rather than the FBI or ATF.) So, just insist that current laws be enforced.

With regard to “assault weapons,” these should be banned in whole or in part just as the Tommy Gun (Thompson Sub Machine Gun) was in the ‘30s. If the law was authorized then, it should also be authorized now on other semi-automatic or fully automatic of larger than a .22 rifle. They have no purpose for hunting and are too expensive for target practice. Just my opinion. Real hunters prefer a bolt or lever action anyway. Simply tell the NRA but Ted Nugent won’t like it. But he’s an elephant killer anyway.

Joseph M. Reichert, Belleville