Letters to the Editor

Obama spends freely on climate change

Of the recent accord in Paris on climate change, it has been said by several countries that it would be unenforceable.

The United Nations is made up of people who believe the United States is too rich, doesn’t share enough and, since we don’t share enough, it has to be taken from from us.

We just happen to have a president who agrees with them. The U.S. has too much and it’s unjust and ill gotten — we don’t deserve it. There is no exceptionalism, there’s just a bunch of accidents peppered with racism, bigotry, slavery and fraud that enabled us to become a superpower. It’s time we give it back by having a carbon tax.

He had to do something because he realized that Americans are bored — don’t believe it.

Do you realize the damage he’ll be able to do his last year in office, using climate change as the excuse for every executive order he signs? Get involved again against this fraud that isn’t provable. The reason you could see the graph looking like a hockey stick they use to try to prove it, is that they used cooked numbers into a computer until it showed the hockey stick — they say that proves global warming. We could feed the numbers into it and prove global cooling.

John Schrand, Belleville