Letters to the Editor

Test scores show District 189’s failures

After reading BNDs lengthy article in regards to the newly established Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC), it is once again quite clear that East St. Louis School District 189 does not make the grade. The four-county, 45-school district report is out and District 189 finishes 45th out of 45 with a dismal 3.1 percent of students meeting or exceeding standards.

If one were to refer to the 2014 PSAE test scores, District 189 schools fared no better. PSEA test scores involving 40 local elementary schools, District 189 schools, four finished 36-39th. Twenty local middle schools, District 189 schools finished 18-20th and finally 11 local high schools, District 189 finished 10th with 14.6 percent meeting or exceeding standards. So after decades of poor performing schools, District 189 now claims it has a graduation rate of 73 percent according to their Feb. 2015 update. Quite frankly, I find it hard to believe that District 189’s 73 percent are ready for college or careers based on test scores from the past.

As many may not know, some educators in District 189 had been exposed for cheating on test scores in 2003 and 2012. District 189 has the second-highest tax rate in the state at a whopping 10.8253 percent and has increased its tax levy revenue by 44 percent since 2012.

For the uninformed anonymous Sound-Off caller, I have paid approximately $30,000 in taxes to District 189 since 2002. Probably much more than you paid.

Kevin Sheridan, Fairview Heights