Letters to the Editor

Working against Santa

The Washington Post and New York Times are reporting that Hillbillary’s Camp is about to release a shocking announcement within 24 hours. The timing is due to the relevance of Dec. 24th. Anonymous sources are reporting that Santa was secretly recorded as saying he would not be delivering presents to anyone associated with terrorism, including ISIS. Apparently the recording occurred during a Holiday party at the North Pole hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Claus. It has not been confirmed whether alcohol played a role in this incident. Elves have come out to defend Santa and said the remarks were taken out of context.

Hillbillary is claiming that ISIS has taken this opportunity to create a new recruiting video. She claims that millions of children will be drawn into jihad against the west. Santa is portrayed as anti Islam and anti Muslim, in the video she claims to have seen. Apparently, Brian Williams, of MSNBC is on record as claiming to have attended the production of said video. Clinton is asking the FAA to ground Santa and cancel any deliveries that he would be making on the 24th. Obama is golfing in Hawaii and could not be reached for comment.

Randy Leffler, Aviston