Letters to the Editor

Holbrook follows the rules

On Monday, Dec. 21, in the Belleville News-Democrat in the Sound-off section, under the title “Unhappy with Holbrook,” I was criticized for producing an election booklet that included my name.

The voters should know that this booklet, its publication, and my certification of it are required by Illinois statutes. These statutes have been reviewed by both state and federal courts.

The booklet is similar to what other counties (with both Republican and Democratic Clerks) provide and what has been the case here also in St. Clair County for decades.

If anyone wishes to report any voter integrity issues, please call my office at 825-2366 or email the Voter Integrity Hotline I have established at voterintegrity@co.st-clair.il.us.

If anyone would like to review this with me, please contact my office.

Thomas Holbrook, St. Clair County Clerk