Letters to the Editor

Best deal was in Belleville

I grew up here in the metro-aast area where I attended St. Mary’s Grade School, Althoff Catholic High School and ultimately graduated from McKendree College (now a university!). Though I now reside in Thousand Oaks, Calif., I always enjoy my winter trips home for the holidays to visit with family and friends.

While staying with my parents in the Village of Swansea, I always include a few shopping trips to Downtown Belleville.

One of the items on my shopping list is always wrapping paper, and the print ads for wrapping paper were particularly inadequate this season. Some advertised 50 percent off, but didn’t say off of what. Others listed a price, but didn’t tell me how many square feet of wrapping paper I would get for that price.

I’d like to commend Ben’s in Downtown Belleville for being the last honest and forthcoming seller of wrapping paper in the Belleville area. They advertised 40 square feet of wrapping paper for $1, so I knew exactly what I was paying for. This price turned out to be the best I found (8 square feet better than the 32 square feet of wrapping paper sold at the Dollar stores). The quality of their paper also seemed superior and so was the breadth of their selection. Thanks, Ben’s!

(I came downtown for the wrapping paper and found several other gifts at Ben’s (and elsewhere) once I got there.

Don Parker, Thousand Oaks, Calif.