Letters to the Editor

12-28-15 Sound-Off

Our readers react to the week’s news:

Change Collinsville mascot

I think the city of Collinsville needs to change the Collinsville High School mascot to better model the city from the Collinsville Kahoks to the Collinsville Taxhoks. The city council does not have a clue on why so many residents are leaving Collinsville with all the for sale signs in Collinsville because of poor city government.

Swansea taxpayers hit

I want to comment on the city of Swansea wanting to get more money out of the property taxes getting things for the city. I understand the city needs new things, but one thing I feel that they really don’t need at this time is another new fire truck. Don’t get me wrong, I am absolute pro firefighting and pro law enforcement but the city of Swansea has several newer fire trucks including some aerial trucks. Most departments have mutual aid with other departments that respond on bigger fires and vehicle accidents. Everybody wants the new shiny vehicle but at times you have to hold off especially when you will be hitting the taxpayers with more taxes, especially in this day and age when the middle class people are really getting dinged hard.

Why worry now?

I’d like to respond to a recent article about John Rauckman worried about the fire truck and the TIF money in Swansea. We are talking about the past mayor who has cooked the books for the last four years and now he’s worrying about TIF money? This guy is a real piece of work. What a joke.

No time for Madigan

It’s a sad state of affairs when the leader of the Illinois House, Michael Madigan, has a scheduling conflict with the governor to meet and discuss the states financial problems. Madigan is the one who created all this mess within the state. And what’s even sadder, is if you look locally. the same Democratic mentality exists within this county. So, people, why don’t we just get rid of all the Democratic people in power here? It’s the only way this county is going to get straightened out, you got to get them out of office. If you don’t vote them out this time, there is nothing for you to complain about.

Don’t overlook the cause

There was a Op Ed in the Dec. 18 paper concerning the conditions in parts of Baltimore, particularly the west end of Baltimore, how it was a war zone, no stores, no nothing. The person who wrote that failed to mention how did it get that way and who made it the way it is. It is so convenient to overlook the cause when it isn’t politically correct to do so. That’s how hypocritical the left is. Another person said on an interview about Muslims, we can’t use a broad brush of paint to include all people in a certain segment of religion or whatever. This again being another liberal person, but they’ve done it to police, to the Republican Party. Again it points out the hypocritical attitude of Democrats.

Romans didn’t get rid of Christians

If the Republicans, or anybody else, believes that ISIS can be destroyed by military power over people who are willing to die, I’d like to ask them to think about what the Romans thought of the Christians. They tried to kill the Christians that way. Did it work? I don’t think so. They needed a new idea to combat the old idea that the ISIS people think of because military power won’t do it. It may go away shortly, but they’ll be back.

Femal suspect is a perfect example

I believe it was Friday, the Belleville News-Democrat talked about the arrest of a female suspect with a 20-year history of crime. This is a perfect example of our flawed judicial system. Her criminal record revealed 12 felonies and 11 misdemeanors. Why wasn’t she in jail already. She must have a great lawyer, or we have stupid judges, or both. Take your pick.

Streetscape is lipstick on a pig

The streetscape project on North Illinois in Belleville is nothing but lipstick on a pig. I’m old enough to remember that when the coupler was built, that was supposed to bring all kinds of business into downtown Belleville. Well it didn’t. Just take a look at the closed stores. Are they expecting a road, all fixed up and pretty, to bring new business into Belleville? I have no idea.

Making it easier for drug dealers

Illinois wants to know why they have low patient turnout for medical cannabis. First off, the state has been so slow at doing the sign-up that a lot of people have just given up. Then there is the constant delay of getting the medical cannabis on the market. And probably the biggest reason is the cost. All Illinois and several other states are doing is raping the people who need the medical cannabis on prices. Why would somebody who is using medical cannabis pay $300, $400, $500 for an ounce of medical cannabis when they can buy it on the street for one-fourth that amount. That’s right they can buy that same ounce of cannabis, may not be medical, but they can buy one ounce of cannabis for $100, $150. All Illinois is doing is making it easier for the drug dealers.

Keep your head up

I am calling about the Dec. 21 letter, “Working against Cook.” I don’t know Dallas Cook, but I have heard, seen and read enough about the good old boys to know that I wouldn’t trust them with anything of mine. They are trying to push him out. Every time there is something in your paper about things like this, I write in in support of Dallas Cook. He’s trying to do the right thing, and the lady that supposedly went to council meetings for 30 years it seems that she might have to find a hobby or something. Nobody in today’s busy world does that, unless they are appointed and have to. So all I’m saying is, to Dallas Cook keep up the good work, don’t break, bend, don’t let them push you out. Don’t let the good old boys win. Keep your head up.

Free Sims? Are you serious?

I am calling about the Dec. 18 article regarding” Freeing Paula Sims.” Are you serious? She committed murder twice. You are saying, that’s OK she did her time. No it’s not OK and she will never, as long as she stays there, she’ll never bring two little girls’ lives back. Who wonders where they would be today if they didn’t have a psychopathic mother. Let her rot in jail. She does not deserve to walk free among people like me and the rest of the population. She is a two-time convicted murdered. Let her rot in prison.

Climate change is a hoax

Climate change drops again, as far as the American people are concerned. They are realizing that it is a hoax and a fraud. No such thing as global warming. No one has proved that global warming exists. So it’s a hoax.

You can vote twice

A scary thing about this election is that I can vote here in Illinois and go across the bridge, drive up to a polling place and demand to vote. I wonder how many times this is done? And how they pay people to do this?

What about the homeless?

I just found out that the county jail has people coming in to sing Christmas carols and pass out cookies to the inmates. Are there not homeless shelters that these people can go to? Are there not people that have not committed crimes more deserving of this attention than the people who violate our laws, violate our customs, just violate us? I don’t understand how people can go to waste their time on these people. There are homeless children who would love this.

Proud of Donald Trump

I am a longtime Democrat, but I’ll vote Republican in the next election. I would be very proud to have Donald Trump as my president. He doesn’t embarrass me. Clinton is the one that embarrasses me. I believe she owes Trump an apology. The Democrat Party should be ashamed to come up with Clinton, that’s it?

Threatened for smiling?

At the Dec. 14 council meeting Collinsville Mayor John Miller threatened to have a citizen removed from the audience for smiling. Is he Mayor Miller or King Miller?