Letters to the Editor

Is The Donald helping Hillary?

Yes The Donald is as loud and screeching as a first-day trumpet player.

He is playing on the worst fears of the citizens of the United States — the only candidate in either political party to do that. We have had a narcissist as president for the past seven years that played on our fears. We don’t need another narcissist that does the same.

I hope the Republicans and the Tea Party folk (especially) repudiate Trump as a candidate. He is actually quite liberal in many ways and was in fact a Democratic Party enthusiast at one time. It may all play out that it was why he was cozy with the Clintons very recently. Is he sabotaging the Republican Party brand on purpose so we will have Hillary as president by default?

He puffs out his cheeks and says, “I have many Mexicans and African-Americans who love me, really love me.” Haven’t we heard that refrain over and over?

H. Ray Sigler, Highland