Letters to the Editor

Education is first step to improving communities

As some sit back in their easy chair for the holidays in their humble abode, their castle, their home sweet home, many others do without. As a young child and a teenager growing up, I was one of the many and now am part of the some.

Many in our country, state and hometowns have been deprived of a decent education and this cycle still exists in many districts throughout our state. So what happens? Nothing! Local politicians sell their souls for votes, and corruption, nepotism and cronyism rule in court houses, council rooms, and board rooms across our nation.

Unfortunately, this state and county has failed its children for decades. One only needs to look at School District 189 or drive the streets of East St. Louis and see the dysfunction, the moral decay, and the hopelessness of thousands brought on by the very people that they have elected.

As we all know, poverty breeds ignorance and education breeds knowledge. When one is knowledgeable, one makes better life decisions for oneself and one’s family. One cannot receive that education in failing districts. It’s you choice. Keep the status quo or start electing reputable, honest candidates that will put your family before their personal agenda and, to be quite honest about it, we all know that’s the gospel.

Kevin Sheridan, Fairview Heights