Letters to the Editor

Lindenwood fraternity has unsung volunteers

With all that has been said this fall about the relationship between Lindenwood University-Belleville and the City of Belleville, I’d like to share my view as someone who is always looking to connect volunteers and projects needing volunteers. There is a group of unsung volunteer heroes living, studying and volunteering right in the heart of Belleville that needs some recognition.

On Sept. 11, a provisional chapter of the Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity was founded at Lindenwood University-Belleville. In the three months since their founding, members of Sigma Tau Gamma have stepped forward like volunteering super-heroes.

Their efforts have included helping Special Olympics with a bowling tournament, working the Chili Cook-Off, helping city employees and Belleville Main Street serve thousands of hot dogs at the Main Street Trick-or-Treat, assisting Belleville Main Street with this year’s Art & Wine Walk, helping the Veteran’s Day activities, serving at the Gingerbread Run, and helping the Exchange Club set up Christmas decorations on Public Square.

I am so excited about the attitude of service displayed by Sigma Tau Gamma and have been extremely impressed with the gracious demeanor of these fine gentlemen. Getting to know these men has been refreshing and has given me a wonderful reminder of the gem that is Lindenwood University-Belleville. Welcoming the university to Belleville was a move that should be lauded and will bear many more benefits with each year that passes.

Darrell Coons, executive director, The BASIC Initiative and Belleville Main Street