Letters to the Editor

Remember your tax bill when it’s time to vote

Regarding the Dec. 14 “Property Tax Freeze” editorial: Our elected representatives in Springfield and Washington, D.C., can’t quite seem to grasp that expenses cannot exceed income without taxpayers taking it in the shorts. If we balanced our home budgets like they balance the governments budget, we’d all have permanently reserved seating in the bankruptcy court.

Why do we keep sending economically illiterate representatives into office? Because we keep believing their campaign promises ... “I’m different! Trust me!.” When the tax bills arrive, just remember that we voted these people into office. When the next elections arrive, remember your tax bills.

The only reason that I can think of for someone to spend so many millions of dollars pursuing a position which pays a few hundred thousand is that they expect to steal it back with interest in the form of graft, under-the-table and sweetheart deals, “gifts” from lobbyists seeking special deals, lucrative future job opportunities, and “the power thing.” Am I the only voter to wish there was a “none of the above” check-box on our ballots?

Jack L. Hickman, Fairview Heights