Letters to the Editor

Gun blather is usual rhetoric

Com-pre-hen-sive: (adjective) meaning complete, including all or nearly all elements or aspcts of something; of or related to understanding. Why is this a favorite word of liberals? Comprehensive immigration laws; comprehensive gun control laws, the list goes on. Shouldn’t all laws be comprehensive?

Hitlery’s most recent rhetoric about guns are the usual boiler-plate Democrat talking points: close the online and gun show loophole, ban guns for those on the no fly list, etc. Have a comprehensive background check and ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

So here’s a challenge for Slithery and all of you underinformed libs: Go to a gun show and try to buy a gun without a background check. Those people at gun shows are licensed FFL dealers, moron. Furthermore madam slime ball, try to buy a gun online without it being sent to a FFL dealer first, and then pass the requisite background check, (pay attention here) that is already mandated by the federal government. Go ahead, I dare you. No, wait, I double dog dare you! I’m so sick of hearing this rhetoric from you fools I could scream. Stop it!

Before you get on your high horse, you pantsuit oinker, explain Benghazi and the gun running that killed four Americans. Explain the Fast and Furious fiasco that got people killed. And how about those U.S. Marshals sticking guns in the face of Elian Gonzalez in that closet, courtesy of Der Schlickmeister? You madam, are a pathetic idiot.

Roddy D. Riggs, Highland