Letters to the Editor

Thoughts on high school honors

As the proud father of a high school female student-athlete I’ve been impressed with your coverage of the area’s girls high school sports. Your recent article on the girl golfers of the year was no exception.

I was a bit perplexed that the selection committee chose to name two well-deserving links stalwarts as co-players of the year, especially when each competed in a different class based on their school’s size. Why couldn’t Althoff’s Gabby Davis just have been “Class A Player of the Year” while O’Fallon’s Emily Marrs crowned “Class 2A Player of the Year.” Isn’t that how they competed during the regular and post-season?

My daughter does varsity tennis instead of golf but I’d much rather her be the best in her class than the co-best in her sport. The latter sounds more like the committee couldn’t make the tough selection decision and just opted for a tie.

I was also left scratching my head that the co-players of the year were not included on their respective first team listing along with the other selectees; nine for Class A and only eight for Class 2A. That’s a bit like college football’s annual Heisman Trophy winner not being listed as a first team all-American as well.

Hopefully there’s some rhyme to your reason.

Bill Malec, O’Fallon