Letters to the Editor

About Bush, ISIS and disabled vets

Lori Felts’ expresses the fallacious view that ISIS was due to Obama’s decision to withdraw from Iraq. My previously expressed contention was that it was Bush’s decision to invade in 2003 and search for nonexistent weapons of mass destruction that led to ISIS. I must assume Ms. Felts would want us to still have 100,000 or more military permanently deployed to Iraq, even though the Iraqis wanted us out. We had 4,500 Americans die in Iraq, had 25,000 wounded (many will be crippled for life,) spent hundreds of billions of dollars, and all we achieved was the removal of a dictator and the sectarian conditions that resulted in ISIS.

Also, Calvin Doore defends the surge in military disability payments as being justified, although he does not explain why. The fact is that 60 percent of those military returning from the Middle East are now applying for disability compensation, when only 20 percent of those returning from Vietnam did so. I believe much of this increase is because one buddy tells his other returning buddies, “hey, it’s free money for life and list as many things as you can think of on the application.” The number of ailments per application has therefore increased from two or three 30 years ago to six or seven today and include sleep apnea, headaches, stress, sexual dysfunction, back aches, irritability, depression, etc. There very well may be abuse existing in this program.

Lee R. Pitzer, O’Fallon