Letters to the Editor

Obama promises but doesn’t deliver

Unfortunately for Bill Hoppe, retired Dow Chemical worker, has discovered Obama’s “trolling for votes rhetoric” and reality are not the same. Sorry Bill, but Obama has left promises to workers like you, our veterans and NYC first responders on the teleprompter. You have been discarded in favor of spending tens of millions of dollars on illegal immigrants and climate change.

Millions of immigrants crossing our southern borders and the thousands of Syrians coming to America are graciously accepted to live on Obama’s Democratic welfare plantation. You see, Obama and the Democrats believe these people are more important, since they are the future. They will become the new Democratic Party’s multi-generational voters.

It is sad Bill, but the community organizer was only good at three things: reading a teleprompter, lying and dividing the nation. And as you know now, leadership and keeping promises are still elusive attributes for Obama.

Pete Hill, Swansea