Letters to the Editor

Obama needs to cash in on ISIS’ mistake

ISIS in Iraq has made a serious strategic mistake. Terrorists do not do well in large pitched battles against well-trained armies. Their successes come from surprise attacks by small suicide groups or IEDs in roads.

In Iraq their establishment of a caliphate trying to hold large land masses plays right into the hands of disciplined troops. We have the best in the world. Continued air attacks with tactical aircraft supporting a rabble army will never dislodge ISIS. Two divisions of U.S. Marines, along with air support could defeat them in a matter of weeks. Obama also needs to bomb ISIS-controlled oil wells to destroy their money source. Use of Special Operation troops, like we are using now, is certainly not the answer. Their successes so far have been in small, isolated attacks where surprise is the key.

It is time for our timid president to bite the bullet and become serious in his stated goal of defeating ISIS. His policy of playing nicey nice with them and they will nicey nice with us is too stupid to even discuss. And those misguided liberals who spend all their time criticizing George Bush need to get the fingers out of their noses and recognize the fact that we are in a real war.

Leon Anderson, Collinsville