Letters to the Editor

Had enough of MidAmerica

Enough already. The BND just reported the St. Clair County Building Commission approved another $87,000 in consulting fees for MidAmerica to attract more air cargo operations. Fools.

As I wrote a few months back, I work for a company that was in the air cargo business, so I know the industry. It’s not going to happen for MidAmerica and the commission can prove me wrong. I’d like to know how many cargo flights we have now and what is the revenue? If Lambert-St. Louis International Airport cannot win more air cargo business, who in the world thinks our rinky-dink airport can?

NBC News was right, we are being fleeced and the Air Force stated MidAmerica had nothing to do with Scott Air Force Base staying open. As Col. Malec wrote, what is Tim Cantwell, who is paid a nice six-figure salary, doing to earn his money? We can get a public relations person for half of what he makes to just sing the praises of MidAmerica.

Elect Rodger Cook as County Board Chairman and let’s finally get this albatross off our backs.

Phil Henning, Smithton