Letters to the Editor

You can’t deny climate change

I don’t know what more to say to climate change deniers like Ray Sigler and others. To really, conscientiously deny this fact of nature and pollution, one would have to make a strenuous effort to deny the truth and avoid any mention of it, like the snake oil of the 19th century.

Every industrialized county on earth, including China and Russia, agree that it’s happening. Many point out that climate has changed before. Maybe so, but this is different in both cause and potential solutions, to avoid its worst ramifications. No one alive now has ever gone through it personally. And, if the people alive then even thought about it before it started, they would have had no solution to prevent it.

Right now the species most at risk are the polar bears and grizzly due to destruction of habitat and the reduction in food sources. In Africa, the elephants are being destroyed by the thousands almost daily. The lions are being slaughtered still, and now they have a disease from insects that throws them into spasms, like epilepsy, that are fatal.

I can’t convince anyone, but if anyone wants the truth, it is available from National Geographic, The Smithsonian Institute magazine, Nature, NASA, or NOAA (the weather bureau and more,) or just watching their channels on cable TV.

Please read. Please don’t shrug it off because you may be dead before the worst hits. Think of our descendents.

Joseph M. Reichert, Belleville