Letters to the Editor

Medicine benefits from Middle East input

For many years Middle East countries have been sending their students to our universities to study medicine and become doctors, and a good number of them stayed here rather than return home.

A recent medical event brought me to a local hospital and in the series of tests and subsequent operation I encountered doctors with Middle East names. It made me think that this was evidence of the best and brightest people those countries sent us who have become an important part our medical industry.

So, with his Islamophobic rantings, whose buttons is Trump pushing?

It would be people like the person who wrote the two Muslim-bashing jokes I received by email from a Southern state with the admonition that if I were a red-blooded American, I would pass it on.

Having grown up in a rural community, I appreciate redneck humor like the self-effacing jokes of Jeff Foxworthy. But the dark tone of these items and the jingoistic stance made these two not worth reading much less to pass on for someone else to read.

Ray Hollmann, Fairview Heights