Letters to the Editor

Nowhere to turn

We, of St. Lawrence Catholic Church, in Lawrenceville, are part of the Belleville Diocese, but are many miles from the diocesan offices.

Our administrator, Father Bernardine Nganzi, has been with our parish for some seven years now. We have gone from one crisis to another during these years.

Father has been most demanding of us these seven years. Upon being told by parish council members that some of his requests are exorbitant and fiscally impossible, a call would follow from Bishop Edward Braxton that we needed to give Father what he wanted. Such calls were often followed by a threat that should Father Nganzi leave St. Lawrence Parish we would not be provided another priest.

We, of St. Lawrence Church, call to mind our Holy Father Pope Francis’ declaration of this being a year of mercy. When a priest is constantly demanding and often not doing his job, and when the bishop seems complicit with such demands, we have no place to go for help. We have already asked the bishop to be merciful to us.

I need to mention that when your reporter came to our parish on Dec. 10, to report on a meeting asked for by Bishop Braxton himself to discuss a matter with us, and which he then failed to attend, your reporter was denied admission by order of the bishop.

Doesn’t this look as though the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America was ignored?

Gay Kavanaugh, Lawrenceville