Letters to the Editor

Some points to ponder

The way I see things:

▪  When I look at a photo of Caitlyn Jenner, I see Bruce Jenner in a wig and a dress. What a guy!

▪  Any school administrator who supports boys and girls sharing restrooms, locker rooms and showers should be dismissed immediately and, perhaps, investigated by the authorities.

▪  By his appointments, statements, priorities and policies; I’m not convinced that President Obama is anti-terrorism.

▪  Who on earth would vote for a woman who, with her husband, have run the biggest money laundering scheme in history (the Clinton Foundation), mishandled classified material, been derelict in her duties in an appointed office (worst Secretary of State in history), and who is facing a federal indictment from the FBI. Think before you vote.

▪  All the protestors in Chicago, Ferguson, Philadelphia and elsewhere could make a huge dent in cleaning up their neighborhoods and stopping crime.

▪  Drug users and addicts started their habit voluntarily; no sympathy here.

▪  Not all Muslims are terrorists. Not all gun owners are murderers.

▪  Terrorist attacks do not come with a warning.

▪  Muslim leaders should be condemning terrorism emphatically; instead, there is not a peep.

▪  Most people are tired of political correctness. The ratings of Donald Trump prove it.

Jim Bonnevier, Belleville