Letters to the Editor

Obamas’ vacations? You paid for it

The recent article on the First Family’s expensive getaways was like being smacked on the side of the head by a lump of coal.

To think a politician that started out as a community organizer, driving around in an raggedy old beat-up car on the south side of Chicago, now spends well over $100,000 out of pocket every year for vacation homes in Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard. Only in America!

Life as a public servant is pretty good. He jets around in Air Force One with an entourage that would put Pope Francis or Kanye West to shame. Of course the American taxpayer covers all that postage and handling and Obama doesn’t even have to say, “Mother may I?”

There’s a difference between the Bush presidents’ trips to the family home in Kennebunkport, Maine or the Texas ranch as compared to Obama’s “on the economy” excursions to NYC, Aspen, Palm Springs and the like. The former are pre-planned and easily executable while the latter are meticulously handled on a case-by-case basis. Funding is not a consideration so the sky’s the limit.

I hope that the Obama clan completes their Hawaiian vacation with just one round-trip plane ride and under last years’ cost of $4 million.

In recent years it’s taken four or more trips to get the whole gang home. Everyone loves a birthday celebration, so don’t fault the First Lady for staying over to celebrate hers last year, even as the family was back in DC.

Bill Malec, O’Fallon