Letters to the Editor

Engineer made a good move

We were constantly in a traffic jam every time we went over the Poplar Street Bridge.

This problem finally made a drastic improvement. No, not as the Musial bridge opened (although a handful of cars used this every so often).

What I think made a major difference is some brilliant engineer decided to re-do the exit ramp from the Poplar Street Bridge as a double lane exit to southbound I-55.

We have very seldom encountered a backup since this has been done, probably 1/ 1,000 the cost of the new bridge.

Maybe Illinois should hire this person that designed this exit to help solve some of its problems?

On another subject, we were in Inglewood California several months ago and the stadium project there is going full tilt.

My personal opinion after seeing this is “so long Rams!”

Jim Preston, Collinsville