Letters to the Editor

Time to detach from District 189

We in the west end of Fairview Heights, have been a part of school District189 for decades. As we all know, District 189 has failed all communities they are currently serving. District 189’s lack of educational success, leadership, and their fiscal irresponsibility has led the state of Illinois once again to impose a financial oversight panel, as they did from 2012-present and 1994-2004.

District 189 has repeatedly scored amongst the lowest nationwide in all standardized testing, including the newest PARCC testing, which has stated that only 13.6 percent of District 189 students met or exceeded its standards. Our children deserve a better education than District 189 has to offer.

From 2004 to 2012, District 189 wasted over $35 million in taxpayer funds. In 2012, District 189 raised our tax rate to 10.85 percent (as compared with District 110’s 4 percent).

We believe the time is right to detach from District 189. Please join us at the Detach 189 Meeting, noon-2 p.m. January 16 at Jones Banquet Plaza (formerly Orv’s Market), 9003 St. Clair Ave., Fairview Heights.

Kevin Sheridan, Fairview Heights