Letters to the Editor

Obama deprives Americans

Obama needs the wealth of this country, guns, all resources, hates the Christian religion, refuses our nation, deprives the people, supplies the enemy the material to use on our country. He has deprived America of all the benefits that Americans have worked for.

He has been a disgrace to the Oval Office. A place of honor has become the devil’s workshop, lacking any moral standards and lacking the intelligence necessary for a better future. Where are the minds of the people that they allow this failure to continue?

Those who don’t believe in our laws should not to be allowed to stay. They prosper by blackmail. Remove that filth. Replace it with the faith our forefathers believed in. Bring back our future.

The people should have listened to this failure when he ran for office in 2008. He needed a lot of money that America has and he was going to get it. That is the success he accomplished — he is busy giving our country away. He has no right to be a president. Anarchy is not government.

His accomplishments dojn’t deserve a library. Another mockery. Do you also wonder what his library will contain?

Stand up for America and our God-given rights.

Betty Storll, Edwardsville