Letters to the Editor

Not all board appointments are good

It is an honor to be appointed to most boards. However, one of the biggest insults that can be bestowed upon a person is to be appointed to some sleazy school or municipal board which engages in various forms of dishonest and inappropriate behavior.

The established board members are basically saying to the new appointee, we want you for one or more of the following reasons: 1) You are not very bright, so you will be easy to manipulate and control. 2) You are without a moral compass, therefore you will be a great fit. 3) You are a nice person, but you don’t have a backbone, so you won’t challenge or expose our shenanigans.

These new appointees don’t care or realize they are viewed as losers by many people including the people who appoint them. This is one way the culture of corruption continues to flourish.

Ted Farmer, Belleville