Letters to the Editor

Answers needed on county payment

We the people deserve answers concerning the $900,000 paid settlement. The St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department took responsibility claiming a training issue. This civil rights violation was kept under wraps until the reported settlement. Although there has been no public explanation by Brendan Kelly, it is his job to inform the taxpayers.

This wasn’t a training issue, nor was it any fault of the seasoned detectives and the sheriff’s department. This belongs to Kelly. He’s been allowed to dodge the responsibilities. These seasoned detectives have done their jobs accordingly, they presented it to the state’s attorney. How is it a training issue, and the fault of anyone other than the prosecutor?

Kelly needs to man up, with a public explanation. Now the county is talking cuts and layoffs. This cost the taxpayers over a million dollars, and Kelly throws another law enforcement agency, “his own agency,” under the bus in the name of justice.

Ignorance isn’t a defense, it’s past and present practices of the political arena. This state is known to be the most corrupt in the union.

When I was young, my grandpa said many times, money isn’t any good unless it’s spread around. And never ever re-elect.

Jake Albersen, Prairie du Rocher