Letters to the Editor

1-4-16 Sound-Off: Violence on MetroLink

Our readers react to the week’s news:

MetroLink riders face violence

Am I the only one in St Clair County that’s concerned about what’s happening to people riding the MetroLink? Lately two cases of violence were broadcast on TV, but not too much written about it in the BND or St Louis newspapers. This being the case and for protection against such mishaps, it might behoove anyone using metro transportation systems, to have in their possession one of the Sabre Defense or hot pepper sprayers — save you a lot of trouble!

You can’t deny climate change

I’m amazed and disturbed about the people who think climate change is a hoax. That means these people don’t read a newspaper or a book. You can’t deny it, but you continue to do so. You are not educated. The coast lines and mountains are seriously impacted already. There is a lot more proof of climate change then there was or is that Jesus Christ ever actually lived or was God Himself. But you believe that too. I hope you live long enough to see the disaster that this generation has brought upon us, maybe then you will believe.

Global warming is a threat

It’s December and I have buds growing on my maple tree and flowers are blooming on the East Coast. When winter comes, it will kill these buds, and they will not come back in the spring. This is a concern and should be a concern to all Americans, global warming is a threat to our environment.

No notification your sticker is expiring

The Secretary of State no longer mails out notifications that your license plate sticker is expiring, supposedly to save money. How much does it cost the state when people don’t buy their license and drive around with expired stickers on them? The police don’t have time to chase them around, I would think they are losing money.

No help from Obama

National unity in the U.S. and the president, hardly. Over half of the nation is suffering from devastating and tragic weather, the commander and chief is in sunny Hawaii playing golf. People losing their life and homes and no support from the federal government. This administration is soon to be out of office, thank goodness.

Too many police at crime scene

I would like a police chief to explain why when there is a crime scene being investigated, there are 20 extra cops and cars all around the crime scene, just standing around shooting the bull. To investigate a crime, you don’t need the whole damn police force there.

Why gouge the taxpayers?

I’d like the St. Clair County chairman to answer this question. I read there is $31.5 million budget, a 10 percent reduction. The state owes the county $6.5 million. Why, Mr. Kern, were our taxes higher in the previous years when now you are operating at $6.5 million less, plus an additional 10 percent less. That is a total of almost $10 million. Just goes to show the Democrats have been gouging the taxpayers. Get them out of office.

Hillary T-shirt wasn’t American-made

A friend bought me a 2016 Hilary T-shirt and I was appreciative until I looked at the label and saw that saw where it was made, Nicaragua. She loses my vote.

Mass shooters are welcome

About an article in the paper about college campuses that are gun free zones — why don’t you put a welcome sign at your gate saying, “Anyone who wants to kill a bunch pf people come on in, because we are unarmed” These universities are worse than Obama. How stupid can you be? Almost as stupid as the president.

Illlinois is losing

We are losing this state, we’ve lost 95,000 residents in the last two years, businesses are leaving, and jobs are paying less than anywhere else. These Democrats have failed us miserably.

Statue removal is censorship

It has been decided by a committee of business and civic interests that a 101-year-old Confederate monument be moved from Forest Park in St. Louis because of the Black Lives Matter movement. The cost of deconstructing and moving the statue is at $129,280. I’m sure if everyone reading today’s newspaper looks around, they would find a statue that offends them in some way. The relocation of any monument for this reason is censorship. Whatever happened to Freedom of Speech?

Let Rauner take his vacations

Does Gov. Rauner have to report to these Democrats, who have destroyed this state every time he wants to go somewhere on vacation? This is outrageous, because this guy went somewhere over the holidays and wouldn’t tell them where. Number one it isn’t your damn business, number two you should spend some time to help him get this state back in order.

What did the Christmas Market cost?

Now that Christmas is over and the German Christmas Market is closed, how much did it cost to construct, heat and transport the sheds? Did the occupants have to pay sales tax? Did the city make any money off of this? Or did they lose money? It didn’t hurt the downtown businesses, but why were some businesses occupying some of the sheds?

Prices are not in line

The Goodwill stores are not cheap. You might think they are, but they are not. The Glen Carbon Goodwill store is not affordable. Ten percent of their T-shirts are above $3. They are not in line with the other Goodwill stores. Glen Carbon get with it, you are out-pricing the merchandise.

Outraged by payout

I thought I was reading about St. Clair County politics in Sunday’s paper, and here it was Monroe County. A Monroe County employee was caught snooping in the boss’s office on camera, was fired and then paid off in court. Another example of politics in Illinois being corrupt. I’m outraged by this bogus lawsuit payout.

Only Medicare provides

After reading about the new 3D mammography in St. Elizabeth’s, I’m not surprised that Medicare is the only insurance provider who covers 3D mammography. Medicare will cover just about anything, where other insurance companies have to have more guidelines. Isn’t this why Medicare is almost broke?

Make criminals volunteer

I see the National Guard was called out in Missouri because they couldn’t get enough volunteers to save the water treatment plant with sandbags. What’s wrong with getting these nonviolent criminals out of jail to help with the sand bags? Taxpayers wouldn’t have to pay the National Guard. They can do that. Get them out of their heated cells and off their cots — all kinds of volunteers in those prison cells.

No rebuilding help for flood victims

A representative from FEMA was on TV talking about the help that would be given to flood victims. He was clear, FEMA does not pay to rebuild your home and replace your belongings. But when Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey, and tore up thousands of homes and Obama came to visit, FEMA did help those people rebuild their homes. The reason, Obama went to New Jersey.