Letters to the Editor

East St. Louis citizens penalized

East St. Louis city treasurer informed the city manager of a TIF account with $91,000 the city had to spend by Dec. 31, or it will have to be returned to the county for distribution back to the taxing bodies. The city manager with council approval decided to spend the money purchasing the commercial building at 29th Louisiana Boulevard. The city will buy the property for $3,000 and completely renovate the rundown structure. The city manager did not disclose any plans or usage for the building.

Also, with the advisement of the city manager, the council approved ordinances with fines and fees that will have a costly impact for citizens. The city paid the sewer collector service $90,000 a year for collecting sewer fees, passed an ordinance for penalties to citizens for nonpayment. Even though city officials are not capable of ensuring all citizens have trash collection to keep the city from being a garbage dump, an ordinance establishing penalties for nonpayment of trash collection was approved by council. The city trash collector already charges $50 to citizens for reestablishing their service.

The reinvention of other fines, penalties and increased fees was implemented for citizens to pay. As for the city manager and council, they would keep finding ways to make citizens pay for their ineptness.

Dorothy Joshway, East St. Louis