Letters to the Editor

Error made in letter to editor

Bob Despain of Collinsville made a tremendous error in his recent letter to the editor. It was about members of our Economic Development Commission not complying with 5 I LCS 140/3.5 (b) of the Open Meetings Act. EDC members Belknap, Haggerty, J. Wright, Wyath, LaBruyere, Jerome, Bitzer, Redmon, Jones and Green were falsely accused. I failed to read section 1.05 (2) (b) that states appointed members only need to take the training once they are “not required to subsequently complete the training required under this section.” Not only was I responsible for falsely accusing the above listed members in the letter I also spoke at the Dec. 14 city regular meeting that can be viewed on their website. During that speaking, I was wrong again for stating Mayor Miller failed to direct or have Chairman Weinacht to have the members comply with the act. I apologize to all of the people involved.

Bob Despain, Collinsville