Letters to the Editor

Santa Qualls was a success

Santa Qualls is very thankful and grateful to everyone who made it possible for his annual Santa Qualls Warmups for People and Animals on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, truly caring and sharing God’s sweet, sweet, sweet, love. Special thanks to the BND for printing my letter for help, Santa Qualls needs a little help.

A kind lady and a kind gentleman donated toys and stuffed animals. A World War II veteran and his wonderful wife donated $20. Santa Qualls started at 17 being Santa Claus with a brand new $80 Santa Claus suit, now at 67 as Santa Qualls. Oh what a blessing it has been making smiles and joy from my big heart.

In January and February Santa Qualls will do his warmups for God’s animals. Please donate dog and cat food, dog houses, straw, tarps, money, etc.

Tom Qualls Sr., Washington Park.