Letters to the Editor

What’s with the water bill?

Just received my Collinsville water bill due Jan. 22 —$109.06. Wow. My last two water bills were $100 and $103 respectively. For many years, I was paying anywhere from $75 to $90. Why, all of a sudden, is my bill for water and sewer in the hundreds? I’ve checked all plumbing and I have no leaks or toilets running.

Almost $40 for user fee and pickup, in my mind, is too much for garbage pickup. The city has had to raise sewer and water rates. Combine the sewer and water and your liable for $69.20.

I haven’t used my water and sewer any differently than I did in the past. As far as I’m concerned, Collinsville has raised rates behind closed doors. I’m feeling I’m being back-doored in these new rates. Is anybody else in Collinsville feeling the same way? I would like feedback on this issue.

Also, I have read in the BND that referendums for money is being asked for by SWIC, Madison County and the city of Collinsville. We are going to get back-doored on our property taxes. Without a state budget, towns, universities, human services, etc. are going to look to homeowners for money to keep them solvent.

Not only the metro-east but the whole state is in dire straits. When I finish my schooling, I hope to land a job in another state. Collinsville, the metro-east and the state of Illinois is going to run me out of this mess.

Charles Clark, Collinsville