Letters to the Editor

The Devil’s playground

The St. Clair County Election System is the Devil’s playground when one does not kiss the Duke of Hell butt. When personal moral precepts are dead, he lacks integrity, which becomes noticeably obvious within his character.

Watkins v. Burke, #84-327, March 15, 1984. The Appellate Court, Buckley, held that: Where otherwise qualified voter has signed nominating petitions of more than one party, signature appearing on petition first signed is valid and all subsequent signatures appearing on nominating petitions of other parties are invalid.

Dec. 17, a BND article highlighted that State Attorney “Kelly also will advocate for public official ethics training.” Only a higher intelligence can say if ethics and moral turpitude are brothers or first cousins. The appellate decision in Watkins v. Burke apparently was not clear as mud, therefore it seems that I was nominated to be the sacrificial victim of an intellectually dishonest decision!

Hypothetically a Butt Kissing Monkey in the Courthouse in reality is still a North American Butt Kissing Monkey. A monkey possesses no moral principles, nor the ability to discern the difference between right and wrong, or the competence to judge himself.

It seems to me that the Duke of Hell proselyte’s the nature of man; converting his character into that of a NABKM! The hearing of objections in St. Clair County seems to circumvent Illinois Election Law. Trust and believe the NABKM’s good thing will come to an end; they always slip on their banana peel.

Marvin B. Strode, Washington Park