Letters to the Editor

More on Middle-East troubles

To Frankie Seaberry who insists Britain caused the Middle-East troubles in the manner she narrates, that’s pure twaddle.

▪  With Germany’s endorsement, the Ottoman Empire invaded Britain’s protectorate of Egypt in late 1914. The objective: seize the Suez Canal and disrupt British oil supplies.

▪  That the Ottomans were defeated and lost the region was their mistake.

▪  Britain and the allies were not “losing” the war in Europe. It had been stalemated for three years.

▪ The U.S. declared war in April 1917 after Germany resumed unrestricted submarine warfare against our ships, not because we were hoodwinked by Britain and its Balfour Declaration of November 1917.

▪ France helped shape post-war Middle-East borders.

▪ There was no “systematic ousting” of Arab leaders. Sovereign Arab nations did not exist within the Ottoman Empire.

▪ The League of Nations approved the British Mandate.

▪ Ultimately, Britain governed the region unsuccessfully.

In the end however, one could easily claim, if Germany and the Central Powers hadn’t started World War I, none of the current crises might exist. Note today:

▪ President Obama supports the Syrian regime change to which Seaberry objects.

▪ The ill-prepared Obama administration accepted the Arab Spring allowing for regime overthrow, ISIS expansion, and greater chaos.

▪ His dismissiveness (“JV team”) led to open conflict and genocide.

▪ Thus the refugee crisis (not Seaberry’s forced “removal”).

Accordingly, from World War I to President Obama there’s plenty of blame to go around.

Mars Eghigian, Belleville