Letters to the Editor

Climate alarmists march on

In Joseph M. Reichert’s most recent letter promoting climate alarmism, he used an interesting analogy. He likened climate change “deniers” to snake oil salesmen, but I think it’s the exact opposite. Snake oilers used bits of truth to sell a bigger fraud, just like climate alarmists do today.

My opinion is that human activity has a negligible effect on climate, but I strongly believe that no one knows with any certainty, and that it’s virtually impossible to know, given the enormity and complexity of the earth.

We hear much about “settled” science, but “dishonest” is a better description. Climate prediction models from the last couple of decades have utterly failed, but their supporters ignore these failures and rush forward with ever more dire predictions. They screech about arctic ice melt, but ignore growth of Antarctic ice. Alarmists cherry pick temperature data and collection methods so that results fit their desired conclusions. The temperature hockey stick graph, famously in Al Gore’s movie and a pillar of the United Nation’s alarmism, has been completely debunked. But sadly for the world, attempts at honest scientific climate inquiry are silenced by ridicule, strong-armed politics, and career-ending threats. So the alarmists march on.

Edward Nowak, Belleville