Letters to the Editor

Romanik wants a circus

The uptight, penny pinching right teaming up with Bob Romanik’s strip club cash has turned the stomachs of even the most loyal foot soldiers of the GOP.

I sat at the Caseyville restaurant one day and listened as Romanik railed on Eddie Jackson. He said he had no real interest in being a state representative except to make a circus out of the whole thing. That’s fine if you are a foul mouth convicted felon who owns a radio station (oh, yeah, it isn’t in Romanik’s name) but not so good if you live in that district and need sewers, roads and basic services.

The sad part is that the Republican Party fields some excellent candidates in Amanda and Katherine Ruocco. I can also live with the fearless, determined, and honest Dallas Cook. Unfortunately, every good Republican candidate is likely to be brought down by the mere presence of Romanik on their party’s ticket.

I don’t know Romanik’s opponent, but I’ve seen him up close and personal. I have witnessed him destroy everything in his path, including the lives of some darn nice people. I suppose it’s Romanik’s choice to take his strip club cash and create his own personal circus. I just hope voters understand and consider, at the end of the day, if Bob Romanik is elected, he will soon become bored with his new toy. The question is, who will end up being the real clowns? Who will end up suffering most? They will.

Brad VanHoose, Belleville