Letters to the Editor

Clarifying the Hatch Act

While I appreciate the support of the call-in person, the U.S. Hatch Act of 1939 does not apply to state or local government employees. It only applies to Executive Branch federal employees and through the Uniform Code of Military Justice to military members. The Hatch Act restricts political campaigning on federal property or military bases. You can display political party decals on your vehicle for a candidate but you cannot solicit donations or campaign on government property, nor can you encourage another employee or military person to vote for a particular candidate. While it is legal for the St. Clair County employees to wear shirts with the County Clerk’s name on them, it does not seem to be in good taste on the day they are collecting election petitions for local offices.

I believe new leadership in our county will change that and ensure neutrality and fairness in our political process. I remember the adage that Michael Jordan, the great basketball player had. When asked why he does not vocally support Democrats, he replied “Republicans buy my sports apparel and shoes as well.”

Phil Henning, Smithton