Letters to the Editor

Who’s hiring who

Does anyone wonder why District 189 is under the authority of a financial oversight panel? I will give you 35 reasons. This is what is known as the nepotism list for District 189:

Family members hired by East St. Louis school board members

▪  Lonzo Greenwood

Barbara Greenwood (wife)

Latoya Greenwood (daughter)

Tracy King (daughter)

Dwayne Cotton (cousin)

Jackie Greenwood (sister)

Deneen McCormick (niece)

Deborah Greenwood

Kelly Greenwood

Kim Greenwood

▪  Irma Golliday

Marla Golliday (niece)

Kareem Mateen

Monique Luster (daughter in law)

Tiffany Taylor

Phyllis Taylor

Audrey Luster (cousin)

Alvin Golliday

Antwyne Golliday (cousin)

Lola Golliday

Lisa Golliday

▪  Khalid El-Amin

Lillian El-Amin (wife)

Haneff El-Amin (son)

Kamel El-Amin (son)

▪  Kinnis Williams

Kathy Williams (wife)

Michael Jackson (nephew)

▪  George Mitchom

Denesa Huff (daughter)

Willard Mitchom (brother)

Tonya Clark (niece)

Monica Williams (niece)

Cornicia Jackson (niece)

Danielle Huff (granddaughter)

Kevin Sheridan, Fairview Heights