Letters to the Editor

Are you kidding me?

According to a Department of Homeland Security official recently, King Tut decided not to strengthen the vetting process for those trying to enter the United States, especially Muslims, partly out of concerns about “privacy, civil liberties and the rules that do govern.” “What Muslims post on open social internet media sites is private information that the government would be violating the constitution to read.” Are you freaking kidding me? Since when does putting your life history or your stupid radical philosophy out on the internet for the whole world to read, become protected speech? This is all about the “fundamental transformation” of America.

Where were his concerns about privacy and civil liberty when the IRS demanded all internet postings and donor lists of liberty and Tea Party groups applying for 501C status? Furthermore, Obozo is just fine violating a guaranteed constitutional right, the second amendment.

He is totally gung ho about universal background checks/gun registry and if he can, gun confiscation on natural born, law-abiding citizens. This failed American social experiment needs to end sooner rather than later. But not to worry you progs, the second coming (Slithery) is waiting in the wings for you. Tools!

Roddy D. Riggs, Highland