Letters to the Editor

1-11-16 Sound-Off

Money motivates Kroenke

We all know why Stan Kroenke wants to move the Rams, its money. The Rams came here because we paid them more money than what they were going to get to stay where they were. They used up all their incentives, they can get more money now. Kroenke is a businessman, has very few ethics, no loyalties to St. Louis. All he cares about is money. Whoever is going to pay him more that is where he is going.

Why is Ameren raising rates?

Think the economy is doing better, that’s why Ameren is raising rates. I’m tired of these politicians telling us how many jobs they created, how well the economy is doing. In today’s paper, over 20 foreclosures announced. Number of jobs announced, less than half of that. Is that a good sign? Remember that when you vote.

Touchette was first

The article about Memorial Hospital being the first one to have the 3-D mammography. I had a 3-D mammogram at Touchette Hospital back in 2013, so I don’t believe Memorial was the first one. And my insurance covered it.

NYC is safer than Belleville

I spent six days in New York City walking the streets and never felt safer. In Belleville, I went to the German Christmas Market, there was a concrete safety barrier and cops sitting across the street in parked cars. And who wants to look at those old decorations on the fountain? Mr. Mayor you want to spend money on the Shrine and this kind of stuff, don’t you think you ought to start taking care of the streets in downtown Belleville?

Art on the Square is No. 1 again

I was excited to hear Belleville’s Art on the Square ranked number one for the fifth time in 14 years in terms of art sales, with those sales topping $1.2 million in 2015. That’s nice for the artists, but how much do the citizens of Belleville pay to set this up and run the event? What does it cost to clean it all up? And extra police officers? According to salestax.com, the sales tax for Belleville for 2015 was 8.1 percent. The State of Illinois receives the largest portion, St. Clair County receives the next share and Belleville receives just under 1 percent. That means Belleville made about $9,000 in sales tax revenue from the 2015 generation of art sales. If that is what they made, what did it cost the taxpayers? Please answer.

No global warming worries here

Why knock ourselves out worrying about global warming in the metro-east? We have eliminated most of our local manufacturing via high taxation, over-regulation and high steel cost from our obsolete steel mill. We have moved away many polluting job holders, and replaced them with stay at home welfare recipients. We are still testing vehicle emissions in our smog-free area needlessly. Trial lawyers and Politicians prevail, but only pollute the air with words not carbon. Wake up folks we have certainly done our share to fight warming in the metro-east.

How have you been treated?

I’d like to pose a question for the minorities. How do you like the way the Democrats have treated you after using you for votes for the last 60 to 70 years? The only way they get elected in Belleville is because East St. Louis can turn out the vote and out last the white vote. But it begs the question, are your taxes lower in East St. Louis than Belleville or O’Fallon? No sir, they are higher. The Democrats have treated you atrociously. Stop voting for these people, they are not helping you.

Praying for the parishioners

I am praying for the parishioners of St. Louis and Lawrenceville. And I pray for the transfer of Bishop Braxton. The Diocese of Belleville and its people deserve to be served by someone who cares about us.

How about a comfort chicken?

I’ve seen so many comfort dogs in the grocery stores over the holiday season. Would I be given the same consideration if I brought in a comfort chicken? Or a comfort snake? How about having these people prove that their doctor had prescribed a comfort animal that has to be with them 24/7.

Bashing the candidates

I turned on the morning news and they are bashing Donald Trump. First it was Jeb Bush, then Ben Carson, now its Donald Trump’s turn. The liberal news media will always bash whoever is the top two Republicans. Conservative media bashes Hillary, because the Liberal News media had decided Hilary is going to be the next president. I personally go to the website for every candidate to see what they has to say rather than the news media telling me.

You can get notifications by email

The Secretary of State is not mailing notices about your license plate sticker expiration. However they will notify you by email if you go on the website and register. You do need your registration with you.

Made in China

In one of the comments on Monday morning, someone wrote that Hillary Clinton’s T-shirts were made in Nicaragua. I saw an article where Trump’s hats are made in China.

No more hyphenations, please

Maybe the first step in bringing this country together is to get rid of this hyphenated American nonsense. If you are a citizen of this country, you are an American. If you feel that the country of your ancestors or yourself must be put first, then feel free to take a hike back to the old country, nobody will miss you. We are a secular country, nobody cares about your religious beliefs so quit trying to inject them into our government.

Self-defense idea for MetroLink

A reader came up with an excellent security system to protect oneself in the gun-free zones that provide a magnet for armed criminals to launch physical assaults on MetroLink riders. Because you can’t determine which passenger might attack you with an illegal weapon. Just fill up the entire car with pepper spray. If someone stops coughing, or a new passenger enters the car, just spray again. Keep everyone’s eyes irritated and blurry. If they can’t see you they won’t be able to commence an armed attack on you.

Obama shows his true colors

President Obama showed his true colors, with his latest edict on gun control. Treat the symptom and not the source. If you want to stop gun violence go back to scrutinizing individual actions and restrain those that demonstrate their dislike for a structured society.

Represent the people, not the party

To Mr. Madigan, Speaker of the House, in order to save our state, our jobs, and our lives, quit representing your corrupt Democratic Party and start representing the people of this state.

Taxpayers pay for others’ mistakes

Reading in Tuesday’s payer the article about taxes. When I think of taxes, I think of Bob Delaney, the ex-County Clerk who cost the taxpayers millions of dollars with the way he mishandled the women in his office. It’s terrible we all have to pay for his mistakes.

No hoodies policy causes trouble

When you read about gas station robberies, the robbers always have hoodies on. And when Dollar General posted a sign “no hoodies allowed” in the store they got in trouble.