Letters to the Editor

Unions can help solve sagging steel industry

I partly agree with Councilman Paul Shorr, on the issues of the so-called dumping of foreign steel. First of all the steel isn’t dumped here, it’s called imported steel. But the real reason is the cost of the steel. The unions have to understand, we have a world market and that we have to be able to compete with other countries. We have to do whatever it takes. We in the United States of America can accept this challenge and win. We have done it many times before and we can do it again.

We need to start investing in our own country. You union steel workers here in this country need to have a little talk with your counterpart unions in the construction unions, after all they use the steel. Do the math.

The American auto industry had the same problem, they dealt with it, so can you. The Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund is in about the same crisis, they need to do the math also.

James E. Saffel Sr., Mascoutah