Letters to the Editor

Always trying to take something from you

How much is enough? Every day I hear of something else the government wants to take away from you and me.

Sugar, salt, caffeine, fast food, water, electricity, chocolate, the air we breathe and more. They are taking our jobs, our money, many conveniences we can’t afford anymore because we don’t have jobs, and one by one our freedoms are being taken away. Freedom of speech. We must watch what we say and how we say it every time we open our mouths. Freedom to protect ourselves. They want our guns. They will try to take away our freedom to worship next. Enough!

They say we need to cut back so we will live longer and healthier. Why should we when they are taking away everything we would want to live for?

Well, they don’t seem to have had enough but I sure have had enough.

Let’s vote all those in office out and replace them with new leaders who agree that enough is enough.

Jackie Kurrus, Belleville