Letters to the Editor

Thanks for low gas prices

I never thought I would be writing a commendation to a gasoline company, but, I want to commend Moto Mart near SWIC and Circle K on Lebanon Road, near Hartman Lane for maintaining their low prices in spite of their competitors raising their prices for no reason at all, except, that they can do it. Moto, $1.78; Circle K, $1.76, while BP and Conoco on Carlyle increased their pumps to $1.89.

Saw several cars getting gas at BP at $1.89. Wanted to stop to tell them that you could get it for $1.78, less than a mile up the road. How stupid do you get! Aren’t you tired of this price increase for no real reason but greed, and then the trickle down scam game? The game was played three times in December. Up 20 plus cents, and trickle down a penny or two at a time.

Crude has been stable. No real reason for price increases, except that they can do it and nobody has any control to stop it.

Ron Krause, Shiloh